Friday, August 9, 2013

Robson Skimountaineering Video

Work and a work injury kept me from the alpine for almost 3 months, but with a new cycle starting its on the way back and the energy up there is stronger then ever.

Last week Jeff Colvin and I headed up via the Patterson spur and Kain route.  Great times with lots of laughs, we took full advantage of the great weather.   It was shot in HD so if you would like to get the crystal clear views have HD on + full screen and let it load. 

Mt. Robson Skimounaineering from Reiner on Vimeo.


  1. "Yeah, you're going to want to go with crampons"!

    I love it! Thanks for taking and posting this.

  2. Hey Thoni just seen your video of Robsen so so cool,been thinking of that Paterson spur route for some time now was great to see your trip report on that route.I know Greg Horn and Harvey Struss tried that some time ago got to bivi atop Patterson gulley.How is route finding on headwaters of robsen river probably like you said follow Billie trails them goats are amazing followed their paths when I climbed Whitehorn.Climb on bro keep spirit alive-Ken Wallator.

  3. Awesome, both the trip and the video. Rapping off the bollard was a nice touch.

  4. Way to go! Good to see ski season isn't over yet.

  5. Thanks guys, just posed some more beta on the Paterson Spur route, Ken I think I know the billie trails you speak of on Whitehorn. They are the true guides of the mountain!