Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turned over rock

As much as I like snow it really starts to get old when it tries to hog the show... It only takes a few minutes a day to get your adequate vitamin D fix, a few minutes.... Some how I cant even remember a day in the last month where I have been able to get my few minutes in! Luckily today that months worth of cholesterol I have been building up in my skin was finally released into vitamin D.
It started off as one of those days, very spur of the moment, cloudy and windy. Half asleep plodding up abit of a bowling alley I may have really wondered why were were doing this, luckily that part of the brain doesn't operate in the morning. Climbing and climbing things started to change and by the time we got to 2000 meters a life fest of sun started to break through.

Feels great to soak up every last photon of sun and line of pow filling the void and reminding us why life is soooo good!

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  1. These are amazing moments captured on camera, Reiner. We keep track of your travels and achievements and wish you good luck in Italy!
    Lydia and Gerry