Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dynafit's Race PRO Randonee Pack Mod "the bikini"

This mod although maybe "cutting" 20-30 grams was not made for the weight. Dynafit's idea behind this new race pack is genius however like all break through ideas they go through a period of evolution.
After racing with this pack I found it to have many benefits however its defects were enough to stop me from using it. The biggest defects were 1. the front pocket was to small and 2. the vest stopped the user from accessing the inside of the suit and opening the vent on hot days.
So long story short with a little insight I decided to cut out both front panels allowing full access to the suit.
The operation is very simple and only requires cutting out the mesh and leaving the structural bands in place. Once cut away I used some medical tape to prevent fraying and add support to the higher stress areas. After using it I also ended up doing two other mods 1.tying an extra band from the left shoulder strap to the main chest support strap to stop it from slipping 2. replacing the ski hook with a larger one made from bending stiff wire (aka clothes hanger) into shape. Over all I'm really happy with the mods and was able to test it out last weekend at the WhiteFish race in MT with no problems. As far as I know there are no ISMF rules for modifying packs so cut away!
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  1. Nice modification. I've been thinking about doing something like this to mine but haven't been able to pull out the scissors. This gives me motivation to start cutting away...