Thursday, February 28, 2013


A month of racing in Europe, 12 races including 2 world cups, a grand course race and a world championship my body's systems have been tested.  At times I ponder my sanity "why would I inflict this upon myself" "this is fundamentally crazy" but then the light shines in and I realize it just fits.  My soul yearns for the challenge of pushing harder and longer and these are the perfect playing grounds.  Its a special place set up by organizers and military where everyone inadvertently creates an opportunity to test and push there limit.
Racing in very cold wet and windy conditions
 The competition in these races is fierce leaving even the best athletes (some of the highest ever recorded V02 max) fighting for podium.  This is likely why athletes like Kilian Jornet still compete as its a challenge that when met allows you the ultimate potential for moving fast in the mountains.
Killian at the 2013 individual world championships one of the top endurance athletes in the world.
Every one has life ambitions whether that be gardening or becoming a politician you have to put in the time to reach your full potential.  Moving towards skimountaineering from another sport is much like moving from pianio to the chello.  One has the basic frame work to excel giving a good jump on what some say takes 10,000 hours or ten years to reach the cutting edge.  In order to build a world champion the best chance is to start young so that there mastery comes in there physiological peak.  This however does not allways hold true and its inspiring to see older athletes come out of the wood work and become world champions especially with a weight of 82kg.   It just goes to show that sure there are ideals but these ideals only create a psychological barrier waiting to be crushed by some one like William Bon Mardion.
William Bon Mardion standing tall above Matheo and Killian with an extra 25kgs (55lbs) of body weight and 4-7 years.
Three years ago many would have doubted his true potential but there is a take home message - your true potential can only be unlocked by you and no matter your age shape or size the potential while unknown to the world awaits.  It might not bring you to be a world champion but the happiness from achieving it can make you feel like one.

For me Ski mountaineering remains a challenge to reach my potential and a vehicle for moving fast and efficient in the mountains.  The placing at races and more importantly time off the leaders gives a gauge to my progress.  
Starting our for the Relay. I'm the red and florescent green.
Its been 5 years now and there have been steady increases however the biggest was in 2011/12.  This year has seen increases and some good placings but living in Europe I have learnt allot about what it takes to reach higher and higher levels.  Its exitting and motivating to think about whats possible but also hard to not get to distracted by the many other great avenue's in life!  Luckily the work put into Skimo racing can be translated...

into great views
 taking naps,
 and dressing up like santa claws in a skin suit with a harness and via ferrata
ho ho ho

 Ohh and there might be a few other things.... I can leave that up to your imagination.

Now with lots of ideas to report on, amazing aesthetic couloir skiing and some more free time it should equal more blog posts!

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