Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mt.Sir Arthur Meighen a visit on skis to a lonely Premier

The Premier Range is.....
 and then some...
 A friend by the name Jeff Mitchell rolled into town and with out much discussion we took off to get an early start on these valuable days of high pressure.  Starting early from the mega mid mansion we found our self's climbing the Mclennan head wall with the sunrise.
Originally planning on skiing Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier we headed towards penny pass and found our self's facing some incoming weather.  Still able to get a great view of the peak before it clouded in we had lunch and decided to go for plan B and ski Mount Arthur Meighen.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
A great consolation prize we were excited about Arthur Meighan as we have never heard of any one skiing it from the summit.  Trying the ridge we were forced to traverse below the rock bands and above the bergschrund before a boot pack took us to the summit ridge.  With 30 cm of really low density snow sluffing fast on a firm crust we were happy to get the skis off and crampons on.
On the way up the clouds would break and then come back in allowing us to eye up a nice line.  Once on the summit Murphy's law came into effect and we spent some time waiting for a clearing that never came.  This being close to the site of the purposed 1 billion dollar ski destination in Valemount we pondered what it might look like and how it could sure change the game up here with both positive and negative effects.  One positive effect would be that we could wait with hot cappuccinos in a heated building for the weather to clear but right now this was sure not the case and skiing with caution we still had some great turns down the north face.
All in all it was a long day and we were happy to point our skis down hill and head back through some aesthetic clouds and light to some hot dinner and shelter.

Memories linger of another day in the Premiers and one can only look forward to the next grand adventure on this lonely plateau while it still remains lonely. 

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