Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwich and an Update on the Life of an Addict

Last year at this time life was good, we were some where in between the haute route and the Pierra Menta but despite the extreme euphoria one thing was missing.... One craving that called out like a crying baby to its mother, but despite searching high and low this craving could not be fulfilled. The bread to die for, the pickles to die for but peanut butter in its true state.. impossible...
 This winter I have allot to be grateful for from realizing dreams of reaching new levels, to being around family and friends. When you really realize the abundance we Canadians live in its truly amazing.  It was probably the alpha toxins in the peanut butter getting to me but after living this abundant life style I really started to crave the challenges and opportunity's of living and racing back in Europe.

Then came a crazy insight a realization that we don't need grocery stores that sell peanut butter in Europe. We simply need the tools (vitamix blender) to turn what they already sell (raw peanuts) into ......!  By now the gears were turning and it really dawned on me that the raw ingredients are everywhere for everything we just need the inspiration and tools to do it. Sure we don't have the Pierra Menta in Canada but we have the Wapta, we have the people!  Just like grinding peanuts we can make our own creations anywhere and be truly happy and challenged with the unique worlds we create.

So to get to the level of the Euros the answer is not over in Europe its taking the raw ingredients in Canada and continuing to create a world where there is an opportunity to realize dreams. I may have fell off the cyberspace band wagon this winter with felling and burning trees but spring is here the air is clear and its time to reconnect with the passion and friends that will push us to that next level!
 Stay tuned for more and if you haven't tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich get on it!! :)

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