Monday, May 2, 2011

April Powder brings May Powder

April has been an epic month of powder skiing, speed traverses, peak bagging and recon-missions. Exploring in Valemount is like trying to find the edge of the universe. The farther you head out the more there is and before you know it there is just simply to much to comprehend!

To focus in on a "small" part of this world lets look at an accessible peak 25km south of Valemount where you can start skinning right off the highway.


With over 2300 meters of climbing it makes for a good day and is worth every ounce of effort as you ski this beautiful north facing slope top to bottom.

Going up the creek it is worth it to pick the right conditions/route as there is a number of threatening paths heading up the creek. Once on the glacier it is pretty straight forward glacier travel until the final peak where there is some broken glacier and a boot pack up the south west face to make the summit. Once on top the common way back is to trace back on the up track but if conditions are in and you don't mind getting a little gnarly the north face makes for some great steep skiing.

With views of Mt. Robson, Clemenceau, Sir Wilfrid, and even the Northern Selkirks it makes for a very ascetic descent back to the car.

So there is one from the Monashee's!

With allot of material to go through I will need to slowly release the rest but for now here is a South Caribou crux tease!

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