Sunday, February 27, 2011

Claut 2011

Claut, Italy

A 100 pounds of pasta and 5 days of racing has well left us quite strained. We lye here very content to just soak in the views and live at the pace of Italian life.
It was an amazing week of racing and between Canada and our friends from the US there is way to many great results to type out on my iPhone. One thing is for sure, we have continued to close the gap with the Euros.

Throughout the week we have learnt allot with Stano's "functional" but "quality" footage.
We will continue to decode allot of the tricks to take home and share!
Over the next couple weeks we have planned to do another WC race, the haute rout and the Piera Menta. Hopefully we will get some wifi along the way to share some of the views!
This view is for the expresso lovers! ( at a gas station)

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  1. Nice job Reiner. In fact, good job to all you Canadians. More posts!